Houtsiplou (9.1)

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Houtsiplou isn't a typical burger place yet it has a good reputation among foodies. Naturally we wanted to check if the place would live up to it. It turns out it did.



The place has a great selection of burgers as in creative in discovering new combinations and tastes (e.g. a duck burger, reblochon). The portions are very decent and all the burgers are available also in vegetarian version (halloumi FTW!) and come with perfect fries, a tasty sauce, and salad. 

Variety in cheeses and toppings is a plus. Meat is generally good though some might find it a bit blunt. Free starters and home made ice tea are a plus.

Everything else

Houtsiplou is a trendy place with Brussels beat but none of the disadvantages of typical Brussels service. The staff is friendly and welcoming and happy to accommodate bigger groups.

A cool design gives the place a nice atmosphere, as its walls are covered in comics that explain Belgian history. The place is also children friendly and has a few toys that will keep your kids busy while you're eating. Overall, Houtsiplou is a keeper.

Overall grade: 9.1