Burger Republic (6)

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Burger Republic was on our radars for a while. A name that sounds very promising to an enthusiastic burger fan it left us with that lukewarm feelings. Turns out Burger Republic is Burger City as its best.

Burger Republic, Brussels

It needs to be said that their burgers are definitely much nicer from what you'd normally get in fast food places, but expect no fireworks. The burgers are solid but rather average and come without any side dishes, salad or anything else. You'll pay extra even for the mayonnaise.

Really Burger Republic? After all, this is Brussels.


General choice of burgers is solid but a bit too basic for a place specialized in burgers. Vegetarians won't go hungry but won't be able to choose either.

The buns are quite tasty and nicely toasted to crispiness. If you like your meat well done, you'll enjoy it, otherwise you will probably find it overcooked. It would have been nice to be asked about the meet preference beforehand. Being able to add extra's is a plus and the cheese is good.

Yet overall, the burgers are still far from wow factor and you need to pay extra for anything else (e.g. fries, salad, mayo) except  for ketchup and mustard.

Everything else

The place looks positively hipster with a cool design, bare wall, and nicely styled accessories and well-chosen music. While shying away from reservations for larger groups, Burger Republic offers a cosy stop for a meaty snack. But if you're after great burgers, you might want to look a bit further.

Your Burger Team

Overall grade: 6.