L'Amour fou (8)

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L'amour fou has a certain "hard to get dinner seats" reputation. On top of that it was mentioned as one of those places with supposedly the best burgers. Like knock you socks off burgers. So we went and tested. Our socks stayed on.

L'Amour fou
L'Amour fou
Best Burger's in Brussels at work

Very good selection of burgers, meat and vegetarian. Downside is that no switches are allowed among different side dishes that come with burgers. But be sure that salad and potatoes will be tasty, in whichever form they are served.

Double trouble burger
Double trouble burger

Bon Wallon Burger
Bon Wallon Burger
Portobello veggie burger
Portobello (veggie) Burger

Cook definitely shows creativity and skills in combining different tastes (Portobello (veggie) burger ftw!). However, the bread and meat were rather dry and you won't be asked how you like your burger either. Portions are not to big but enough to satisfy hunger.

Pleasant surrounding with nice music are definitely a plus. Service is very Brussels style, polite but not very friendly. L'amour fou is definitely a place where you return.

Around lunch time you might get free starters to snack on. Our opinions on their taste were divided.

Overall rating: 8