Cool bun (8.2)

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Cool bun is one of those stylish places that are hard to resist. It has a very pleasant and cosy interior and extremely friendly staff. In fact, if you judged by the service only, you'd never guess it is in Brussels. Naturally, we couldn't resist.

Cool Bun, Brussels

The burger team
Your burger tasters
Cool bun has a very good selection of burgers and extras, so you can make sure your burger has all the right ingredients. Vegetarians won't go hungry either, even if the choice is rather limited. Gluten free options are also available. And on top of that, they will treat you with delicious olives to nibble on while you're waiting.
The menu

One thing we noticed immediately is that Cool bun isn't stingy with quantity. Their portions are more than sufficient. The meat is good and burgers satisfying yet missing that extra juiciness and taste mixture, that would make them really great. Fries are not made according to Belgian "fry it twice" standards.

Very pleasant atmosphere with great music and friendly staff. Cool bun was overall a very pleasant experience with little left to complain about.

Cool bun is super flexible with the service and doesn't shy away from big groups or helping out with birthday surprises.

Cool bun, Brussels

Overall rating: 8.2